Eagle Rising:  $250,000 2.5 acre lots are available at the southern edge of the Black Forest
  • Near Black Forest Rd, Woodmen Rd and soon Research Pkwy
  • Ponds, short grass meadows, owls, hawks, wildlife at the forest edge
  • Current ag area c/ vegetable garden, ducks, chickens, pigs
  • Barn to lease for horses and toy storage (25’ x 110’ bays with 14’ OH doors)

View Lots (PDF)
C4.1 Plan (PDF)
C4.1 Elevation (PDF)
C4.2 Plan (PDF)

Quall Brush Creek:  $55,000 traditional home lots further south at the edge of the City
Just east of Black Forest Rd, north of Dublin Blvd.
View Plan (PDF)

College Creek Homes:  energy efficient 6 plex condos located near Pikes Peak Community College Rampart Campus

Morris Trail Plans:
Plan 2010 (PDF)
Plan 2011 (PDF)
Lower Floor Plan (PDF)
Upper House Plan (PDF)
Site Plan (PDF)
Percolation Test (PDF)
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